1 mei 2009

Serminar finale

After 2 days and 3 sessions, the Micronomics Seminar sessions have succesfully ended with an -unexpected- plenary session in the 5 Blocks. The 5 groups sat together for an extra hour to share what they had concluded. 3 demands/concerns were repeatedly raised: the need for a "status" that allows micro-initiatives to do their work without falling into illegality; the need for a place to experiment without necessarily creating additional legislation and funding streams; structures and facilities to pool resources [be it platforms or networks]. An overall conclusions was the importance of the "process", the recognition that things develop and that we can influence that development rather than wanting to design it from A to Z. More details will be made availble soon. TOMORROW at 11:30 the results of this thought-process will be made "operational" in the Forum in the festivalcentre, where all are very welcome!!!
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